Wisteria have magnificent masses of long pendent flowers that bloom in the spring and summer months.  Wisteria flowers are often highly fragrant and come in pretty colours of pale pinks, white, lavender-blue, purple, violet and amethyst.  They are a deciduous vine and like a sunny position and thrive in rich well drained soil.  Wisterias are great as a screen can be grown in containers for draping over balconies and verandas.  A hardy vigorous vine, Wisteria are ideal for climbing up walls and arches and pergolas where they provide shade in the hot summer months.  To prevent wisteria from invading other areas of your garden, keep it contained by planting in a pot or container that is raised slightly off the ground and keep it pruned.

Wisteria are spectacular when in full flower, view our photo gallery below of some lovely wisteria plants.

Top Garden Tips for caring for your wisteria. 

  • * When planting in a pot or container, use a good quality potting mix such as Searles Premium Potting Mix and use pot feet to keep the pot above the ground to help prevent the roots taking hold and invading your garden. 
  • * Keep mulched as they like a cool root zone.
  • * Prune to shape after flowering
  • * After Christmas, prune back hard, up to 80% to encourage next season flowering. 
  • * Fertilise at the beginning of spring and again when they have finished flowering to promote growth.  Use  an all purpose fertiliser such as dynamic lifter.

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