Time to plant bulbs

Now is the time to plant your bulbs for a spectacular garden in spring!
Bulbs Tulips Hyacinth Cyclamen

From daffodils to tulips, plan and plant your garden of bulbs for a beautiful spring display.

Top 5 Tips for planting and growing spring and summer flowering bulbs

    1. Great in pots and containers, and garden beds, bulbs love freely draining soil.
    2. Feed with a specialty bulb fertiliser
    3. Plant bulbs approx two times their height deep in the soil
    4. Plant with the pointy end facing upwards
    5. Enjoy the show


It also time to plant potatoes for a winter harvest. Look for your favourite seed potato varieties in store at Wyee Nursery.

Popular seed potatoes to plant include

  • Desiree – all rounder with delicious pale yellow flesh
  • Coliban – great for frying and roasting
  • Dutch Cream – Delicious & versatile
  • King Edward – a roasting variety with creamy white flesh & floury texture
  • Kipfler – excellent for steaming, boiling, & salads
  • Nicola – deep yellow flesh ideal for boiling & roasting
  • Pontiac – pale skinned with white flesh great for roasting
  • Ruby Lou – best for for frying & baking
  • Russett Burbank – best variety for hand cut chips
  • Sebago – fantastic all rounder