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The secret to growing your own vegies

When it comes to vegies we all know fresh is best, and there is nothing more rewarding than harvesting your own home grown vegies. Raised or slightly raised garden beds are best as they prevent ponding or puddling of water which can make the soil too waterlogged, and they also prevent bending over in the garden, making it so much easier, especially if you have a smaller  block of land or courtyard.  Container planting is also excellent for a kitchen or herb garden.

You will need

  1. A sunny spot
  2. Raised Garden bed / containers / garden edging such as blocks / sleepers
  3. Gravel or drainage ash
  4. Wyee Nursery Vegie Super Mix – a special in house organic blend which is great for vegie gardens and we GUARANTEE your vegies will love it
  5. Vegies and herbs to plant – visit Wyee Nursery for a wide variety of  in season plants and seedlings
  6. Mulch – 100% Organic Sugar Cane Mulch

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