Tips on Preparing Your Lawn for Summer

For a great looking lawn to enjoy in the summer months

Add value to your home with a healthy lawn – great for entertaining

  1. Aerate your lawn before adding Our premium Organic Top Dress ( great for your lawn) to help promote lush growth.

    Sand and soil delivered for your garden and lawn 7 days a week

    Top dress your lawn for lush growth

  2. Winter is a perfect time to treat your lawn for Bindii and Clover with a Lawn Weeder  while the leaves are soft and feathery. 

    Bindii and Clover Killer

    Prepare and maintain your lawn and destroy Bindii and Clover

  3. Follow up with a suitable lawn fertliser.  Make sure to read the instructions carefully, as applying too much fertilser will burn the grass.  If this does happen, do not be tempted to add more fertiliser in the hope that new grass will grow. 

    How to have a great lawn for summer entertaining

    The secret to a great lawn – what not to do.

  4. TOP TIP Do Not apply round up to your lawn to kill the weeds as this will destroy your lawn…. if in doubt about this, Tim our Landscape Yard Manager will be happy to explain the result to your lawn if tempted to do so.
  5. Lawns like regular deep watering to help promote lush healthy growth, and to help control weeds, when mowing, keep the grass a little longer rather than cutting  too short. 

If you would like to know more, or need advice on the best product for your lawn, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Cheers and Happy Gardening.