Summer Colour

Summer gardens are full of beautiful flowering plants. Tropical Hibiscus, perfumed gardenias, lush and exotic hibiscus.

At this time of year plants need to be protected from the searing heat with a good covering of mulch.  Organic sugar cane mulch is great for conserving moisture, protecting the roots from the heat, and adding nutrients to the soil.  Other great mulches for your garden beds are leaf mulch, pine bark chip, red wood chip, and cypress mulch.  Decorative pebbles can also be used for gardens, paths and driveways and pots.

Choosing a beautiful shade tree to enjoy in your garden is a lovely idea, and there is the perfect size tree for any yard at Wyee Nursery.  From small varieties to large advance trees, deciduous, evergreens, natives and tropicals.  Our expert horticulturist team are happy to advise you on the perfect tree for your garden.

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Bondi Pink Euphorbia


Flowering Ginger