Plant a shade tree

“cool the planet while reducing your own carbon footprint”

Why not beat the summer heat and plant a tree for shade in your garden.

Trees to provide shade in your yard include the Flowering ash, Chinese tallow, Crepe myrtle, Jacaranda, native flowering gums, teddy bear magnolias, and little gem magnolia, robinia mop tops, golden elms, and tulepos.

The flowering ash is a great fast growing evergreen tree perfect for your back yard. When planting your trees we recommend you improve the soil with a soil conditioner such as Searles 5 in 1 soil conditioner, water in with searles fish n kelp or seasol, and mulch well with 100% organic sugar cane.

flowering ash at Wyee Nursery
flowering ash in flower at wyee nursery January 2019
Tulepo as seen at Wyee Nursery
Chinese Tallow at Wyee Nursery
Crepe Myrtle
Flowering Crepe Myrtle
native Flowering gum
Feature tree for your garden – maple