Camellias make great plants for your garden as screening hedges, flowering fences and fantastic specimen trees for your courtyard in containers or garden 

Sasanqua camellia’s are sun hardy, and flower from early autumn through winter.
Japonicas are winter flowering.

Brian’s Favourite camellia is “early pearly” with true white flowers and blushing pink buds.

Marge Miller Camellia

Marge Miller

Ground cover camellia Marge Miller

Paradise Blush Camellia

Paradise Pearl Camellia

Strawberry Ripple Camellia

Magnoliaflora Camellia

Early Pearly Camellia Bud

Early Pearly Camellia

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Flourish Azalea Camellia Gardenia

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Searles Azalea & Camellia Plant Food

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