A hedge  provides privacy for your yard acting as a screen,  gives structure and definition to your garden,  and allows you to reinforce garden paths.

sheena's gold hedging plant

sheena’s gold hedging plant

Sheena’s Gold Duranta repens

Sheena’s Gold is a fast growing, small evergreen shrub with bright yellow foliage.

An ideal choice for low and clipped formal hedges and borders.

It also provides great foliage color contrast in large gardens.

Suitable for topiary and potted specimens and displays blue flowers in summer followed by orange colored berries.

Helpful tips for maintaining and pruning your hedge:

  • the best time to trim your hedge is after it flowers
  • trim by small amounts regularly every four to six weeks until it has reached the desired height  to maintain as dense hedge/screen
  •  feed every spring and autumn with a slow release fertiliser
  • mulch well to help conserve water

Other low growing plants ideal for hedging include

  1. Gardenia Florida
  2. Diosma
  3. Cuphea
  4. Hebe
  5. Dwarf Lilly Pilly
  6. Westringia
  7. Buxus


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