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Lawn Care tips for Autumn

An easy step by step guide for a great lawn.

After a long hot dry summer, autumn is the best time to prepare your lawn for a great start to a lush green lawn in spring.

Step 1 Top Dress any uneven surfaces with an organic top dress soil and water well

Step 2 Keep your lawn cut at a longer height to help suppress weeds

Step 3 Repair bare patches in your lawn with a lawn seed mix

Step 4 Treat for weeds once they start appearing

Step 5 Apply a fertiliser using a lawn spreader – this will help to encourage green growth

Step 6 Pest control is very important as lawn grub and army worm can cause serious damage to your lawn

Step 7 Aerate the lawn in late winter

Top tip

If your lawn is suffering after a long hot dry summer it may benefit form treatment with Seasol, Seaweed Solution, or Fish’n Kelp

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