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Jobs for the Garden in Autumn

Autumn gardening

  • Prepare gardens for winter and plant your spring and summer flowering bulbs such as daffodil jonquil and tulips when planting your bulbs dig in cow manure add bulb feed mulch and add Wettasoil granules we recommend using Searles premium potting mix
  • Prepare your garden beds for winter vegies such as new season broccoli and cabbage rhubarb garlic sweet potato asparagus and potatoes
  • lightly prune roses, feed and mulch keep an eye out for aphids an grasshoppers and use a spray as necessary
  • Citrus trees need mulching and plan for a harvest in the winter months look out for the citrus leaf miner and bronze orange bug (stink bug) and treat with pest oil and neem oil.
  • Autumn is the time to feed and mulch your gardens
  • Feed gardenias and roses and mulch you citrus and stone fruit
  • As the weather cools spray your roses for pests and disease with a dedicated pesticide and fungicide rose spray such as Searles Rose Pro

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