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Indoor Plants

Indoor and house plants are trending now and at Wyee Nursery we have a huge range of rare and hard to find indoor and shade loving plants to choose from.

Greening your home is proven to lift your mood and spirits as well as having health benefits such as cleaning and filtering the air space. There is a huge variety of foliage plants to choose from such as large leaf plants to succulents and bonsai’s.

Match them with a beautiful pot to complement your room and décor.

At Wyee Nursery we recommend potting with a quality potting mix to help your plants thrive and flourish, such as Searles premium potting mix.

Popular indoor plants are


Zanzibar gem

Fiddle leaf fig



Rubber fig

Peace lily


Chinese money plant




Cast Iron plants

Indoor Plants at Wyee Nursery
indoor plant philodendron
stromanthe indoor plant wyee nursery
Tavellers palm large leaf foliage plant wyee nursery

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