“Plant a tree today for shade tomorrow”.

Liquid Amber Tree

There are many beautiful trees to choose from to complete your garden.  Whether you have a large block, acres, a small yard or a balcony/patio, there is a tree to suit your needs.  Autumn is a great time to choose a tree for your garden as it is an ideal time for planting and allowing them to become established before the hot weather arrives.

When selecting the perfect tree for your garden, there are is a wide variety of plants to choose from.  Such as ornamental trees fruit trees, native trees, small trees, avenue trees, deciduous and evergreen trees. There are trees to suit coastal areas, shade trees, drought resistant, flowering, weeping, purple foliage, small, medium, large, narrow and fruiting.  There is definitely a tree for every garden.

Trees from Flemings Top Ten Trees for gardens including small gardens, native trees, advanced trees, shade trees, ornamental and specimen trees.

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Fruit Trees including a selection of rare and exotic fruits, as well as Flemings Top Ten Fruit Trees

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